TG7600/23 Series
Touch current tester /
Leakage current tester/
protective conductor current tester

TG 7600 Series are accord with IEC60990-1999 measure request:
Be can respond below measure value:
Real PEAK、real RMS、DC direct current component、AC+DC display output simultaneity
Input resistance: 1MΩ;
Input capacitance not more than 200Pf at the time of do AC measure
Frequency range from 15Hz to 1MHz at the time of do AC measure
Float、differential input common mode rejection greater than 40Db;
Measure range of protectove conductor current with protectove conductor series a 0.5ΩAmperemeter: 0 - 500mA ;

Glow Wire Tester

Temperature adjustment

500∼1000° Adjustable continuously, Temperature accuracy ±10°C


Thick 10mm White Deal Board12g /mm 2∼30g /mm 2 Standard bumf paper,Glow wire downside200mm ± 5mm

Glow Time

0.1-999.9s,±0.1S(Adjustable Time)

Glow Wire(U Head Style)

Φ4mm ± 0.04mm Ni/Cr(80/20)


Φ0.5mm K Type,Armored imports thermocouple 1100 ℃
( Precede Standard 1050 ℃ )

Test Room

> 0.3 m3 ,Black background

Sample Force

1±0.2N. Most Restrict indentation Depth is at 7mm ± 0.5mm(Adjustable)

Power Supply


Horizontal-vertical flame chamber tester


98% methane gas ( Standard Gas ) ,Available 37MJ/m 3 ±1MJ/m 3 combustible natural gas

Lighting devices: 

Bunsen burner Diameter of bore 9.5mm ± 0.5mm .

dip angle

0°、 20° 、 45°Available Quick location, Max trave 150mm .

Times of repeat burnt

1 ∼ 9999 times (data display preset) .

Volume of Test Board:

greater than 0.7m 3World with black background

Power Supply

0.5kVA 220V 50-60Hz